Minister Nafis Singleton, President of Laymen

The Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association Mission is to inspire men to support the total program of the Church in the local congregation, the community and the world. We strive to enlist un-churched men for fellowship in and service through the church and to bring unsaved men into vital relations with God in Christ through personal commitment to Him. To build a Christian life of laymen through study, worship, fellowship and service, moreover, to enlist and coordinate the manpower of the local congregation for an effective performance of essential, effective Christian activities.


The Laymen’s offer Men and young men an organization through which a vital and meaningful fellowship among men of the local congregation may be prompted and taught. We promote among men a more definite and intelligent understanding of the Christian faith and life and the meaning of the Church. We seek to foster and engage our men an intelligent loyalty and devotion to the Church through the local congregation. We engage to increase Baptist men to have a vial and active concern in community welfare and betterment and to promote Christian race relations.