Women's Ministry

Minister Wanda Addison, President, Women's Ministry

Jesus said to them again,"Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you." 
John 20:21

Great Woman of God.... Ready to be the Mission, Work the Mandate and Spread the Message of Jesus Christ #So send I you.

Our Vision
  • We desire to encourage every woman to know and to grow in the knowledge and love of God.
  • We also encourage every woman to use her gifts in service, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom with intentionality and a strong powerful commitment to her church, home, community, and throughout the world.
  • We further strive to cultivate bold witnesses and kingdom servants to greatly impact the world.

Our Mission

The Mission of the PEKBA Women's Ministry is to first uplift and spread the message of Jesus Christ, disciple and empower women to become spiritually connected to God, and to live and serve with great impact in their personal lives, church life and in their local community.

The Women’s Ministry continues to be an intentional ministry, focused on encouraging women through faith, community, Christian living and sound doctrine, and equipping them to use their God-given ability to be vessels of encouragement, catalysts for change in their local churches, and committed Christians at home and beyond.

What Does Our Ministry Offer?

  • Sharing Christ with those who do not know Him, strengthening Christians who do, and fervently praying for each ministry opportunity through evangelism, outreach services, Bible studies and various fellowships.
  • We purpose to keep balance between being ministered to and ministering to others, to confront women with the love of Jesus through outreach, to minister to the needs of our ladies, to help them to develop their God given potential as persons of value in their homes, church, and community, and to involve them in creative service under the Holy Spirit’s leadership.
  • The Women’s Ministry of PEKBA is designed to meet the complex needs of today’s woman, providing encouragement, prayer and guidance. We desire to bring together women of all ages and stages for edification and service opportunities. As women grow and mature in godliness, they are better equipped to nurture and serve in their families, to enrich the church, and to evangelize their communities.
  • This ministry is to aid and support churches with existing or prospective women's ministries, support their inception, provide mentoring and coaching to its leaders and members, and to provide a vehicle for extended service in the kingdom via this Association.
  • Host and sponsor service projects and worship experiences in order to perfect women’s spiritual walks, impact local community organizations and win souls for the kingdom.
  • The goal of women’s ministry is to grow in our relationship with the Lord, to serve Him with our Christian sisters, and to minister to the world around us.

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