Elder Gregory Johnson, Vice Moderator West
Email: johnson32160@comcast.net

Elder Gregory Johnson, SR, Is the pastor of The Metropolitan Baptist Church. Metropolitan is located in West Philadelphia with a permanent address of 3500 Baring Street 19104. Pastor Johnson has served this ministry for 12 years. Under the leadership of Pastor Johnson, MBC has enjoyed Spiritual Growth with such new additions to the Christian Education Ministry. For example, Pastor Johnson added “The Institute For Christian Learning” as well as a Saturday class on “Hermeneutics”, which is taught not just to preachers but to lay people as well.

Outside of the church, Pastor Johnson is working hard in the community. He started a partnership with The McMichael School. Members from the MBC family work alongside the classroom teacher to help young people learn and to appreciate the learning process. Pastor Johnson has just completed a 2 year term as treasury of The Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference of Philadelphia and Vicinity.

Before coming to Philadelphia, Pastor Johnson served a Youth Pastor at The Olivet Baptist Church in Chattanooga Tennessee. Pastor Johnson has completed his Bachelor of Theology and he is currently working on a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling.